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西伊豆に行った話 / Nishi-Izu


Every year, we go to a hot spring resort with my company's employee benefits program. I chose Nishi-Izu, which is located on the west side of Izu peninsula. Compared to Higashi-Izu, Nishi-Izu has a lot of nature spots and you can enjoy it easily. But be careful with moving there maybe because a public transportation is only a bus.




So, this travel's main purpose was to see the Dogashima island like a certain Italian famous sea cave. Because my wife wanted to go there. You can see the Sanshiroh island from a dock. You can walk to the island at low tide. The color of the sea was very clear, but,,,




There were no ships at the dock, some people who maybe are tourists came back. I had a presentiment,,,



前日の悪天候の影響か、全便欠航とのこと( ;  ; )残念ながら今回は見ることが出来ませんでした。遊覧船のホームページには運行状況が書かれていますので、行かれる方は是非事前チェックをした方が良いです。仕方が無いので顔出し看板?で娘と記念撮影しました。

It said that all ships were canceled due to the bad weather the day before. Unfortunately, I couldn't see it at this time. You have to check the status on the website of the excursion ship company. I took a commemorative photo with my daughter at the comic foreground.



Then we went to the Koganezaki, which is much famous sunset spot in the Nishi Izu. When rock surface is exposed to sunlight, it shines like gold.




This has a great scene as reputation. I can express the dynamic power of wave, can't I? The wave hit wall and became like fog and it attached to my lense soon. When I saw the pictures, they were almost not good. I experience that I need to clean the surface of lenses every time.



The last one is the Mt. Fuji from the top of Nishinatoge. I've never seen such a clear Mt. Fuji for the first time in years.I envy people of Shizuoka and Yamanashi prefecture. This area had a little snow on the roadside and the road became iceburn in the shade.



This time, I introduced some of the Nishi Izu. You should travel because you can go there in two or three hours from the center of Tokyo.

やり直し英語の話 / Studying English Again


Today, I wrote about studying English since the summer of 2015. The result is that I became an advanced beginner from a beginner. I summarized up to now and the future policy of studying.

 僕の英語遍歴  /  My English History


At first, My history of English is that I started English when I was a junior high school student as many Japanese people, and I had been studying English for six years. Apart from whether a serious or not. I thought that my level of grammar or vocabulary was the highest when I took the entrance exams of a university. This was the last time I seriously studied. Because I went on to the department of mechanical engineering, I used English only when I read essays. I could barely get these meanings. In an objective view, I got the lowest score of TOEIC when I joined my company.

 再開のきっかけは、、、  /  An opportunity of studying again



When it is in the summer of 2015, I was panicked if I wouldn't be able to use English. My work is like a production engineer in the manufacturing industry. I worked at domestic production plants until I was 30 years old and had no opportunity to use English. However, this year, I had to travel to the United States and follow local staffes by e-mail because some of my work was transferred to the factory in the U.S. I was so disappointed with my level of English. And, my boss told me that I had to work in the overseas factories near future and I study English harder. I thought that reading and listening skills are more important than others. I decided to utilize TOEIC test for a promotion and a better job.

 現時点での実力は?  /  How much is my English skill?

ここから1年くらい掛けて、社内で受けたIPテストで820点(Reading:420 Listening:400)を獲得することができました。この間は、基礎的な文法項目の理解や公式問題集を使った演習&復習、語彙を徹底的に繰り返したおかげでテストの点数としては満足のいく結果を残せたと思います。が、そもそもの目的は実務でも使える英語スキルなので、何が出来、出来なかったかを書きます。

I had been studying English for about a year and could get 820 points on the TOEIC IP test. I learned basic grammar and used an official exercise book repeatedly. Although I was satisfied with a good score, my purpose is to use English  without inconvenient in my work. So, I'll write what I can do or not now.




                I can read sentences easily if that is the level of TOEIC. But It is hard to read 

                WEB news or foreing books without a dictionary. I read Murakami three      

                Haruki's books in English.


     VOA Learning Englishなどの初級者向けで、読むのは全く問題ない文章


                  If I can expect course of story like TOEIC, I can barely get meanings.

                  But without concentrating, I can't get the meanings of sentences which I can

                  read easily.

 今後どうするか  /  What to do from now on


I don't feel any meanings of studying TOEIC tests, so I will touch a lot of English by podcast or Youtube, doramas. And I will grow my writing skill on this blog. As I wrote in the beginning, I become an advanced beginner. I am still in the long way to do business.

↓ 最近のお気に入り動画です  This is my recet favorite footage.

Christmas Gift Vending Machine: One Minute Shopping in Tokyo ★ ONLY in JAPAN

九十九谷展望公園に行った話 / Kujyukutani Observatory



These days, I went to the Kujukutani Observatory Park to see a sea of clouds. This park is famous for a sea of clouds or an astrophotography. This time, I planned that I would take pictures of a sea of clouds when I went to pick my wife returning home up .



I left my house in Kanagawa at 4:30. I passed the Wangan highway and the Aualine. I got off at the Kisarazu interchange and it took 30 minutes from there. The observatory is at the top of Mt. Kanouzan. You go on the way where your car manages to pass each other from the foot. I arrived there at past 6 o'clock. Sunrise time was at 6:40. There had been already more than ten cameramen and they had been waiting for a sea of clouds. Ah, it has a large parking lot and you don't have to be worried.



Unfortunately, there's no clouds at all. I had waited for an hour, but I could see it. That's why this picture is sunrise from the observatory.



The following pictures is not a sea of clouds...but



We had a lot of frost because it was 0 degree. 



The lawn also freezed. 



This moment is that the grass was illuminated by the morning sun. This one is my favorite.




Although I couldn't see an sea of clouds, I'll choose the day after the rain.


野毛山動物園に行った話 / Nogeyama Zoo






I go out with my wife and my daughter every weekend. But you don't know where to go,do you?  I recommend the Nogeyama Zoo where I went to lost fathers.

野毛山動物園とは? / About the Nogeyama Zoo?






The municipally-owned Nogeyama Zoo is in Yokohama city, Kanagawa Prefecture. You can go walk from the JR Sakuragicho station. There is the Yokohama central library nearby. The best thing about this zoo is that you don't have to pay entrance fee. Nevertheless, it has more than 100 animals like lions and giraffes, lesser pandas.

車でのアクセス / Access by car





If you go with family, you might use your car. However, fortunately, it has no parking. You have to park nearby. These days, I used the parking lot of the Yokohama central library. It cost you 300 yen in 30 minutes for the holidays. When I searched on the Internet, Some people suggested the Mandarin Hotel's parking.

園内はこんな感じ / A look of the zoo


As soon as we went into the zoo, we found lesser pandas!







At that day, there were many children probaly because of kindergarten excursion. We walked through the cages of popular animals. My daughter seemed scared of big animals. Beyond that, there's the Nakayoshi place where you can enjoy with small animals. I think that children should play here. So you have to get a numbered ticket.




It was worth seeing a condor. I could take an only picture of rear view.





I was glad to see my family enjoy.  When you visit the Nogeyama zoo, you can go sighseeing in Yokohama. You should try going there at least once too.


AF-S NIKKOR 24-120mm f/4G ED VRの話

こんばんは。今日のブログは、ニコンのフルサイズ用レンズAF-S NIKKOR 24-120mm f/4G ED VRです。ニコン小三元レンズの標準ズームを担うレンズです。僕はこのレンズをAPS-CサイズのD7200で使用しています。APS-C機ユーザーで購入を検討されている人の参考になれば幸いです。

Hello good evening! Today's article is about AF-S NIKKOR 24-120mmm f/4G ED VR for full-size. This is called little three dragons and is a standard zoom lens. I use it by D7200 having APS-C imaging sensor. If you are an APS-C camera user and will buy it, this article my be useful.

購入までに / before purchase

 実はD7200のボディを購入する際に、このレンズではなくSIGMAの17-70 F2.8-4を選びました。ですが使用して1ヶ月程で下取りに出しました。F2.8の明るさやSIGMA特有のシャープさには満足していたんですが、焦点距離が70mmよりもう少し欲しかったのと若干ボケが硬い気がしました。僕のメインの被写体は子供なんで、レンズの明るさよりも利便性重視です!出先でのレンズ交換をできるだけ少なくしたいですし。

In fact, when I bought a body of the D7200, I chose not this Nikon's lens but SIGMA's 17-70 F2.8-4. I sold this lens a month later because I wanted the focal length more than 70mm and I felt that boke was a little hard. Though I was satisfied with brightness of F/2.8 and sharpness like SIGMA. I prefer convenience to brightness because my subject is my child. I don't want to change lenses in the field

ネットでは宜しくない意見も / There are some bad comments on the Internet


It is said that the quality of this lens is not good considering its price at a certain site. In the other, there are some good comments. So I went to the Mapcamera to see an actual things in Shinjuku. I took test shots and I didn't feel that vignetting was bad. I liked the expression of color. I thought that this lens was bigger and heavier than I had expected. Fortunateky, I could bought this lens for 60,000 yen as a new old stock. It was 50% off the list price. As I understood later, This one is a kit lens of D750 and some people sell only the lens.

というわけで試し撮りを! / Examples!


Chicken. resolution is good.


 f/5.6  86mm  1/160sec  ISO:720


The scraches of a boat is good!


 f/8.0  30mm  1/40sec  ISO:200

皇居にて。around the Imperial Palace.


 f/6.3  120mm  1/400sec  ISO:100

近所の公園にて。 At the neighborhood park.


 f/11  24mm  1/80sec  ISO:100



 If beginners like me use this lens, the quality and convenience is more than enough. If you use an APS-C camera, the focal length is from 36mm to 180mm at the 35mm format equivalent.

Good bye.

紅葉を見に軽井沢へ行った話 / Autumn leaves in Karuizawa


A while ago, I went around Karuizawa to see autumn colors and go shopping at the Karuizawa outlet. I introduce places whose its landscape was more beautiful.

1. 雲場池  /  Kumobaike


I think that this is the most famous spot in Karuizawa. You can walk there from the Karuizawa station in ten minutes. If you drive, you can park at the entrance on the pond. There is a free parking space a little away. I looked it up on the internet and found that it was 500 yen / day. But it changed 900 yen / 2 hours during autumn. If you have a plan to shop at the Karuizawa outlet, you should park there.  The lower picture is in front of the Kumonaike pond and this angle is the best. A lot of tourists took pictures here. This time, it was pity that the left side of the pond became shade due to thick clouds.


f/8.0  17.0mm  1/100  ISO100


Maple leaves had just changed yellow and red from green.


 f/11.0  40.0mm  1/60  ISO560


This one is a maple tree like burning.


 f/4.0  45.0mm  1/100  ISO100


If you take pictures, you should go early morning because it is standard.




Nihon romantic kaidoh is the way from Naka Karuizawa to Kita Karuizawa. Surprisingly, this road leads to Nikko city. On the way, there are the Harunire terrace and the Karuizawa highland church which the Hoshino resort manages. They are thriving. When I went through this way in the evening, it was great that the trees are lit by the setting sun. 


 f/10.0  17.0mm  1/100  ISO100


This picture is autumn leave on my way to the Karuizawa highland church. These were light pastel color.


 f/8.0  28.0mm  1/50  ISO160




The Asama ranch is in the area of Kita Karuizawa as soon as you enter into Gunma prefecture. I heard from local people that the Asama ranch was the best autumn leaves. You can reach the  observatory from the parking lot for about ten minutes.That hepls us because we have a young child. There is a lot of yellow larch forest at the foot of Mt. Asama. It is said that autumn leaves of larch will continue for a month.


  f/11.0  22.0mm  1/160  ISO100


Mt.Asama was covered with a crowd.


 f/8.0  40.0mm  1/320  ISO100 


I found better autumn leaves spot which nobody noticed near the Asama ranch.


  f/4.0  17.0mm  1/125  ISO100

印旛沼に行った話 / Inbanuma Swamp



 Hello. The other day, I went to Inbanuma swamp which I've wanted to visit. So I wrote this article. The reason why I knew that Inbanuma swamp is famous for its beautiful scenery is because I read Camera_ama's article. Chiba prefecture has a great spot near the city.

 朝焼けということで、さっそくgoogle先生に「印旛沼 日の出時刻」と入力すると答えてくれます。便利!カーナビの目的地は、西印旛沼の湖畔にあるアサヒナボートです。印旛沼は2つあり、今回は西印旛沼になります。それから後で分かった事ですが、船着き場の近くに車を止めてしまうとボートの通行の邪魔をしてしまうので、離れた場所を選んだ方が良いみたいです。

I searched Inbanuma and sunrise time on google. The destination of car navigation is "Asahina boat" on the lake side of West Inbanuma. There are  two swamps. You have to  park your car at a place away from the boatslip because if you park there, it prevents boats from coming and going.



On my way to Inbanuma swamp, I thought that I couldn't see clearly. Sure enough, it was foggy. It seemed to rain last evening.


 f/6.3  65mm  1/13  ISO1600



Fortunately, as the sun rose, the fog dispersed gradually and then it became great.


f/16.0  24mm  1/60  ISO100 



A boat muches water surface.


f/20.0  24mm  1/25  ISO100



They fished blackbasses, didn't they?

DSC_0769f/20.0  50mm  1/100  ISO100


 Although I couldn't see the clearest scene of the swamp, I was satisfied with its more fantastic beauty than I expected. When it will be winter, I want to visit again. That time, I will prepare a wide angle lens and a tripod.