HIRO's Photo Diary


紅葉を見に軽井沢へ行った話 / Autumn leaves in Karuizawa


A while ago, I went around Karuizawa to see autumn colors and go shopping at the Karuizawa outlet. I introduce places whose its landscape was more beautiful.

1. 雲場池  /  Kumobaike


I think that this is the most famous spot in Karuizawa. You can walk there from the Karuizawa station in ten minutes. If you drive, you can park at the entrance on the pond. There is a free parking space a little away. I looked it up on the internet and found that it was 500 yen / day. But it changed 900 yen / 2 hours during autumn. If you have a plan to shop at the Karuizawa outlet, you should park there.  The lower picture is in front of the Kumonaike pond and this angle is the best. A lot of tourists took pictures here. This time, it was pity that the left side of the pond became shade due to thick clouds.


f/8.0  17.0mm  1/100  ISO100


Maple leaves had just changed yellow and red from green.


 f/11.0  40.0mm  1/60  ISO560


This one is a maple tree like burning.


 f/4.0  45.0mm  1/100  ISO100


If you take pictures, you should go early morning because it is standard.




Nihon romantic kaidoh is the way from Naka Karuizawa to Kita Karuizawa. Surprisingly, this road leads to Nikko city. On the way, there are the Harunire terrace and the Karuizawa highland church which the Hoshino resort manages. They are thriving. When I went through this way in the evening, it was great that the trees are lit by the setting sun. 


 f/10.0  17.0mm  1/100  ISO100


This picture is autumn leave on my way to the Karuizawa highland church. These were light pastel color.


 f/8.0  28.0mm  1/50  ISO160




The Asama ranch is in the area of Kita Karuizawa as soon as you enter into Gunma prefecture. I heard from local people that the Asama ranch was the best autumn leaves. You can reach the  observatory from the parking lot for about ten minutes.That hepls us because we have a young child. There is a lot of yellow larch forest at the foot of Mt. Asama. It is said that autumn leaves of larch will continue for a month.


  f/11.0  22.0mm  1/160  ISO100


Mt.Asama was covered with a crowd.


 f/8.0  40.0mm  1/320  ISO100 


I found better autumn leaves spot which nobody noticed near the Asama ranch.


  f/4.0  17.0mm  1/125  ISO100