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AF-S NIKKOR 24-120mm f/4G ED VRの話

こんばんは。今日のブログは、ニコンのフルサイズ用レンズAF-S NIKKOR 24-120mm f/4G ED VRです。ニコン小三元レンズの標準ズームを担うレンズです。僕はこのレンズをAPS-CサイズのD7200で使用しています。APS-C機ユーザーで購入を検討されている人の参考になれば幸いです。

Hello good evening! Today's article is about AF-S NIKKOR 24-120mmm f/4G ED VR for full-size. This is called little three dragons and is a standard zoom lens. I use it by D7200 having APS-C imaging sensor. If you are an APS-C camera user and will buy it, this article my be useful.

購入までに / before purchase

 実はD7200のボディを購入する際に、このレンズではなくSIGMAの17-70 F2.8-4を選びました。ですが使用して1ヶ月程で下取りに出しました。F2.8の明るさやSIGMA特有のシャープさには満足していたんですが、焦点距離が70mmよりもう少し欲しかったのと若干ボケが硬い気がしました。僕のメインの被写体は子供なんで、レンズの明るさよりも利便性重視です!出先でのレンズ交換をできるだけ少なくしたいですし。

In fact, when I bought a body of the D7200, I chose not this Nikon's lens but SIGMA's 17-70 F2.8-4. I sold this lens a month later because I wanted the focal length more than 70mm and I felt that boke was a little hard. Though I was satisfied with brightness of F/2.8 and sharpness like SIGMA. I prefer convenience to brightness because my subject is my child. I don't want to change lenses in the field

ネットでは宜しくない意見も / There are some bad comments on the Internet


It is said that the quality of this lens is not good considering its price at a certain site. In the other, there are some good comments. So I went to the Mapcamera to see an actual things in Shinjuku. I took test shots and I didn't feel that vignetting was bad. I liked the expression of color. I thought that this lens was bigger and heavier than I had expected. Fortunateky, I could bought this lens for 60,000 yen as a new old stock. It was 50% off the list price. As I understood later, This one is a kit lens of D750 and some people sell only the lens.

というわけで試し撮りを! / Examples!


Chicken. resolution is good.


 f/5.6  86mm  1/160sec  ISO:720


The scraches of a boat is good!


 f/8.0  30mm  1/40sec  ISO:200

皇居にて。around the Imperial Palace.


 f/6.3  120mm  1/400sec  ISO:100

近所の公園にて。 At the neighborhood park.


 f/11  24mm  1/80sec  ISO:100



 If beginners like me use this lens, the quality and convenience is more than enough. If you use an APS-C camera, the focal length is from 36mm to 180mm at the 35mm format equivalent.

Good bye.