HIRO's Photo Diary


西伊豆に行った話 / Nishi-Izu


Every year, we go to a hot spring resort with my company's employee benefits program. I chose Nishi-Izu, which is located on the west side of Izu peninsula. Compared to Higashi-Izu, Nishi-Izu has a lot of nature spots and you can enjoy it easily. But be careful with moving there maybe because a public transportation is only a bus.




So, this travel's main purpose was to see the Dogashima island like a certain Italian famous sea cave. Because my wife wanted to go there. You can see the Sanshiroh island from a dock. You can walk to the island at low tide. The color of the sea was very clear, but,,,




There were no ships at the dock, some people who maybe are tourists came back. I had a presentiment,,,



前日の悪天候の影響か、全便欠航とのこと( ;  ; )残念ながら今回は見ることが出来ませんでした。遊覧船のホームページには運行状況が書かれていますので、行かれる方は是非事前チェックをした方が良いです。仕方が無いので顔出し看板?で娘と記念撮影しました。

It said that all ships were canceled due to the bad weather the day before. Unfortunately, I couldn't see it at this time. You have to check the status on the website of the excursion ship company. I took a commemorative photo with my daughter at the comic foreground.



Then we went to the Koganezaki, which is much famous sunset spot in the Nishi Izu. When rock surface is exposed to sunlight, it shines like gold.




This has a great scene as reputation. I can express the dynamic power of wave, can't I? The wave hit wall and became like fog and it attached to my lense soon. When I saw the pictures, they were almost not good. I experience that I need to clean the surface of lenses every time.



The last one is the Mt. Fuji from the top of Nishinatoge. I've never seen such a clear Mt. Fuji for the first time in years.I envy people of Shizuoka and Yamanashi prefecture. This area had a little snow on the roadside and the road became iceburn in the shade.



This time, I introduced some of the Nishi Izu. You should travel because you can go there in two or three hours from the center of Tokyo.